Our Story

I spent 20 years of my life straightening my hair, straightening iron, hair straightener, keratin and company ... The more I straightened them, the less I liked them, and the less I liked them the less I took care of them. It was also not important at the time to take care of them, because ultimately I did not appreciate them in their true nature. Almost two years ago, I hit a wall, intense hair loss, seasons passed, and the problem persisted, my temples were more and more thinning, in short, my hair did not want me anymore !!


I consulted various doctors, I knocked on all the doors to settle my concern, but the truth, the problem was within me, I had to reconcile with my nature, finally, we do not choose who we are.


My worries have always revolved around my hair, it's raining = limited travel, beach vacation = hair still tied, party by the pool = pretext of that does not tempt me to bathe. It had to change, a few things inside me pushed me to let my nature take over, after all I am rebel, and a rebel rebel releases more bite. I never got into a mold, I always stood out for my audacity, my spontaneity, sometimes even excessive. It was time for me to assert myself as I am.


It went without saying for me after this jump, to choose quality maintenance and care products, this is where my quest for products that respect the nature of hair began and it was long and tedious. I did a lot of research, reading, to discover that almost the majority of hair products in supermarkets, or even salon products of great renown are full of silicone, parabens, endocrine disruptors and other substances whose names require a doctorate in speech therapy to be able to pronounce them. It was then that I embarked on a search around the world, and the magic to operate. I discovered the world of Clean products, my curls knew happiness, they started to tickle me instead of biting me, they finally breathed after so long years of torture, forgiveness was accepted.


I am so convinced that many women, those with wavy, curly or frizzy hair have experienced or are experiencing this hair crisis right now. I would like to tell you one by one, you are beautiful, you have the right to be what you are without artifices.


Racine Bouclée was born to help these women take care of their true nature, drawing inspiration from nature. You have the promise that all the products offered in our shop, have been carefully chosen, tested and approved. Ask us for advice, we will guide you in your hair transition and advise you to start your reconciliation process.